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Stryker SMRT Battery For Powered Ambulance Cots | NEW

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Note: Does not include charger. Replacement battery only.

Key features

• Automatic power management extends battery life

• Sealed durable construction for all-weather toughness

• Vehicle-ready charging system

• Zero memory—make repeated partial charges with no impact on performance

• SMRT Charger evaluates SMRT Pak every charge cycle

• SMRT Pak charging indicator

• SMRT Pak charged and ready indicator

• SMRT Pak temperature delay indicator

• SMRT Pak battery error indicator

• One hand SMRT Pak installation/removal

• SMRT Charger cannot overcharge SMRT Paks

• SMRT Charger cannot overheat SMRT Paks

• No time limit - store SMRT Paks on SMRT Charger

• Charge SMRT Pak in approximately 2 hours


Optional features

• SMRT Charger

• SMRT Power Cord (12V DC)

• SMRT Charger mounting bracket

• 12V DC cable (Automotive)