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Stryker Power Load Cot Fastener System (Complete With Floor Plate) | Recertified

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This Extensively Refurbished Stryker Model 6390 Power-LOAD lifts and lowers the cot into and out of the ambulance, reducing spinal loads and the risk of cumulative trauma injuries. Our PowerLOAD Cot Fastener System improved operator and patient safety by supporting the cot throughout the loading and unloading process. The reduction in spinal load helps prevent cumulative trauma injuries. Power-LOAD wireless communicates with Power-PRO cots for ease of operation and maximum operator convenience.

Standard features

  • Lifting arms 
    • Head end lock LED indicators 
    • Control panel 
    • Cot release handles 
    • Foot end lock LED indicator 
    • Linear transfer system 
    • Inductive charging 
    • Operation guide
  • Includes floor plate and installation hardware

Optional features

  • External power cord 
    •Wheel guide 
    • Mass casualty floor mount assembly 
    • Mass casualty wall mount assembly


  • Eliminates the need to steer the cot into and out of the ambulance. 
  • Minimizes patient drops by supporting the cot until the wheels are on the ground. 
    • Meets SAE J3027 dynamic crash test safety standards. 
    • Features an easy-to-use manual back-up system, allowing complete operation in the event of power loss. 
    • Lifts or lowers the cot into and out of the ambulance, eliminating spinal loads that can result in cumulative trauma injuries.
  • This expertly refurbished product is guaranteed to arrive in proper working order. We take great pride in our products and trust that you will be happy with the quality. 
  • Product may show option features. Please contact us for custom configuration.