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Stryker Performance Pro XT 700 LBS Capacity Manual Ambulance Cot With Performance Load Compatibility Kit And XPS | Recertified

Stryker Performance Pro XT 700 LBS Capacity Manual Ambulance Cot With Performance Load Compatibility Kit And XPS | Recertified

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This Stryker Performance-PRO XT is a manual X-frame ambulance cot and is supplied with the expendable patient surface (XPS) and the Performance-LOAD Compatibility Kit.

The XPS provides an expanded patient surface area that can be easily retrofitted to compatible cots. XPS is adjustable with seven locking positions and includes a wider mattress that reduces transfer gap and is designed with your patient’s comfort in mind. XPS helps address the growing obesity trend and supports a variety of patients and environments. 

The Stryker Performance-PRO XT consists of a platform mounted on a wheeled X-frame designed to support and transport a maximum weight of 700 lb  in pre-hospital and hospital environments. The device is collapsible for use in emergency vehicles and has an adjustable load height feature to allow the device to be set to different ambulance deck heights for proper body mechanics during loading and unloading. Duplicate foot-end controls on the upper and lower lift bars accommodate different operator positions or sizes and the side release handle allows a single operator to raise and lower an unoccupied cot. The device is equipped with the following: a retractable head section for 360-degree mobility in any height position, side rails, patient restraint straps, an adjustable pneumatic backrest and various optional accessories that assist with transport of the patient. Maximum patient comfort is attainable with different positions of shock and flat leg positioning. 

Standard Features

  • Restraints and Mattress Included
  • Color-coded controls 
  • High visibility powder-coated frame
  • Lightest-in-class, all-aluminum X-frame
  • Scientifically optimized lift bar & control design 
  • Lower lifting bar
  • Lift-capable safety bar 
  • Integrated bumper system 
  • Perforated litter surface 
  • One-hand release, retractable head section
  • One-hand release, fold-down siderails
  • One-hand release, infinite positioning, pneumatically assisted backrest 
  • Oversized wheels with sealed caster and wheel bearings 
  • G-rated bolster mattress 
  • Shock or flat leg positioning 
  • G-rated patient restraints 
  • Single wheel lock
  • Side release handle 
  • Built-in pull handle 
  • X-frame guards 
  • Power washable
  • Load height adjustment

Optional Features

  •  Heavy duty two- or three-stage IV poles  (patient right or left) 
  •  O2 bottle holders (head end, foot end or fowler) 
  •  Defibrillator platform 
  •  Dual wheel locks 
  •  Equipment hook 
  •  Backrest storage pouch 
  •  Head end storage flat 
  •  Base storage net
  •  Knee gatch
  •  Head extension 
  •  Pillow 
  •  Restraint extender


Recertification Process

The stretcher is disassembled, inspected, serviced, repaired and returned to OEM specifications both mechanically and cosmetically. Recertification process includes:

New Stryker Mattress

New Patient Restraints

6 New Wheels

New Backrest Shock

Replaced Upper rails

Replaced Lower Rails

New sticker kit


  • This expertly refurbished product is guaranteed to arrive in proper working order. We take great pride in our products and trust that you will be happy with the quality. 
  • Product may show optional features. Please contact us for custom configuration.