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Stryker 6253 Evacuation Chair 500 LBS Capacity | Recertified

Stryker 6253 Evacuation Chair 500 LBS Capacity | Recertified

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The Stryker Evacuation Chair is essential for the evacuation of disabled or injured persons weighing up to 500 pounds, from multilevel facilities in emergency situations. The patented Stair-TREAD tracks allow easy evacuation down stairs by a single operator, for passengers weighing up to 200 pounds. The extendable handle allows the operator to have a forward facing, upright posture for balance, line-of-sight and ergonomic safety. Foot end lift handles also extend, allowing two people to lift an evacuee over obstacles or up stairs.

Standard Features
• Innovative Stair-TREAD system allows easily controlled stair descent 
• Easy set-up and instruction pictures on device
• Color-coded controls for faster operation 
• Extendable head end and foot end lift handles for ergonomic lifting 
• Extendable upper-control handle for upright operator posture and unobstructed line of sight 
• Positive action locking mechanism for passenger security 
• Dual wheel locks for more secure transfers 
• Oversized rear wheels with sealed bearings for smoother transports 
• Compact storage size conserves space in corridors and closets 
• Lightweight, rugged aluminum construction for low effort transports 
• Power washable for easy cleaning 
• Grease-free maintenance for ease of care 
• Restraints with Fastex buckles for passenger security 
• Molded hand grips fit hands for better ergonomics 
• Head support allows evacuation of passengers with compromised head control 
• Two-piece molded ABS seat for greater passenger comfort.

Optional Features
•Aggressive Stair-TREAD belt


Foldaway foot support provides additional passenger security and stability. 

Contoured seat for comfort. 

Foot end lift handles extend for ergonomic lifting. 

Head end lift handles extend for upright lifting posture. 

Folds and stores in a small space. 

Patented Stair-TREAD system controls descent in proportion to the passenger’s weight. 

Wheels provide maneuverability in narrow passageways.



  • This expertly refurbished product is guaranteed to arrive in proper working order. We take great pride in our products and trust that you will be happy with the quality. 
  • Product may show optional features. Please contact us for custom configuration.